The Author

Sabine Hossenfelder is a German physicist and science writer. After obtaining her PhD at the University of Frankfurt, Germany, she pursued research in the foundations of physics for more than 15 years.

She held postdoctoral positions at the University of Arizona, Tucson, the University of Santa Barbara, California, and the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada. After 6 years as assistant professor at Nordita, Stockholm, she took on her current position as research fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies. [CVpublication list]

In 2006, Sabine started writing the popular weblog Backreaction, and today she works partly as a freelance writer. Her writing has been published, among others, by Scientific American, New Scientist, Nautilus, Aeon, and Quanta Magazine. [writing samples]

Sabine lives in Heidelberg, Germany, with her husband and two children. 

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