page 19: “Every newly found truth, every experiment or theorem, is a new mirror of the beauty of God.” This part of the quote is mistakenly attributed to Newton. It is actually from Leibniz. Only the first part of the quote is from Newton.

page 25: “a meson known as omega minus” should be “a baryon known as omega minus”

page 55: “nothing can exceeded this speed” should be “nothing can exceed this speed”

page 67: “It was here that physicists convened...” should be “It was here in Copenhagen that physicists convened...”

page 88: “Richard Voss and John Clarke, two physicist from Berkeley” should be “two physicists from Berkeley”

page 144: “In most GUTs, however, the weak mixing angle is fixed by the group structure to 3/8 at GUT energies.” It is not the mixing angle itself that is 3/8 but its sine square.  

page 198: “cornucipons” should be “cornucopions”