Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: The Hidden Rules of Physics 
In which I realize I don’t understand physics anymore. I talk to friends and colleagues, see I’m not the only one confused, and set out to bring reason back to earth.

Chapter 2: What a Wonderful World 
In which I read a lot of books about dead people and find that everyone likes pretty ideas but that pretty ideas sometimes work badly. At a conference I begin to worry that physicists are about to discard the scientific method.

Chapter 3: The State of the Union 
In which I sum up ten years of education in twenty pages and chat about the glory days of particle physics.

Chapter 4: Cracks in the Foundations 
In which I meet with Nima Arkani-Hamed and do my best to accept that nature isn’t natural, everything we learn is awesome, and that nobody gives a fuck what I think.

Chapter 5: Ideal Theories 
In which I search for the end of science but find that the imagination of theoretical physicists is endless. I fly to Austin, let Steven Weinberg talk at me, and realize how much we do just to avoid boredom.

Chapter 6: The Incomprehensible Comprehensibility of Quantum Mechanics 
In which I ponder the difference between math and magic.

Chapter 7: One to Rule Them All 
In which I try to find out if anyone would care about the laws of nature if they weren’t beautiful. I stop off in Arizona, where Frank Wilczek tells me his little Theory of Something, then I fly to Maui and listen to Garrett Lisi. I learn some ugly facts and count physicists.

Chapter 8: Space, the Final Frontier
In which I try to understand a string theorist and almost succeed.

Chapter 9: The Universe, All There Is, and the Rest 
In which I admire the many ways to explain why nobody sees the particles we invent.

Chapter 10: Knowledge Is Power 
In which I conclude the world would be a better place if everyone listened to me.

Appendix A: The Standard Model Particles 
Appendix B: The Trouble with Naturalness 
Appendix C: What You Can Do to Help